Saturday, February 03, 2007

MCGM Elections, 2007

MCGM = Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Elections, 2007

Unglees :

Don’t vote
Please don’t vote
Why Stain your finger
And expend on precious nail paint
So that it won’t show at the do
You gonna be at
Admist the chuckles
Aimed at the idiots
Who once again chose to vote
And the guffaws
For the additional 4% *
Who grew old enuff to support the cause
You join in your spouse's comment
"The country has gone to dogs"
And that’s what the kids learn
"Why?" is a question they'd never ask.

We Hope you wake up
After a glance at the pic
Cos we idiots chose to do
We hope u teach your children
What our mothers taught us too.

(The Doers request all women to vote
Cos we know the men shall follow suit)

(This election occurred on the 1st of February 2007)


Chitra said...

Dear Doers,

This is not only a small or big issue but a confusing issue too.

I could not vote because my name was not in the list and it was not possible for me to travel to the place where my name was listed.

And traveling would have been fruitless because I am not aware of the people standing for elections.

This is the situation with almost all my friends who have relocated to a new place for job :)
In such a situation how can we vote?


keehtarp said...

i've never voted.. and i'm not proud of that.. but, tell me something..can my vote really make a difference? i mean, honestly.. the guy i vote for, i dont even know him/her.. i'm working somewhere else, and i'm supposed to vote in my hometown.. and lets suppose i still decide to vote, tell me, at the macro level.. who is there who inspires me? a leader whom i can really look up to?

i think we also need to answer these questions that we face today, than decide to blindly vote..

~j~ said...

Seeing this post late... but kudos to you guys for highlighting the importance of our right to vote. Sure, we will find faults with our "system" but we need to make that difference. And I'm happy that you also made a relevant point about asking women to vote. My mum insisted on us registering as voters as soon as we turned 18.

ron said...

how about sending a message to the citizens about a beautiful mumbai
a city to be looked at as the golden eye of the nation.

and we all strive to keep the city clean- messages to encourage our young politicians to keep the city clean by introducing dustbins across most corners (most of the bins i see r thru n thru- u litter n it spills out of it) to fine ppl who spit paan on buses n trains and yeah on ppl too!
some kinda drive that initiates a sense of embarassment in ppl who litter durt- spit/ dirty the public facilities.
we can always make a begining :-)

we can also suggest abt having adequate foot paths across so many junctions across the city which will organise the traffic in crowded areas.

i wish that someday mumbai cud look like london, rather london wud look upto mumbai